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Daniel West
Senior Minister
I have been blessed to preach the Good News about Jesus for the last 15 years. My family and I came to New Testament Christian Church in 2014 when I was called to serve as Senior Minister. We each see it as a blessing and honor for our family to join and serve such a loving and caring congregation.
I am married to Amy, my wife of 27 years. We have two wonderful children and one grandchild. The oldest is still “daddy’s little girl,” Kelsee. She is one of the most beautiful people inside and out anyone could meet. She holds a special place in my heart as our daughter, but even more so as the mother of Stella, our granddaughter. 
Then there is Trey. A handsome, caring, and Godly young man who feels God’s call on his life to ministry. He has a passion for youth and worship ministry. I am blessed to call him my son. I am even more blessed to have him praying for me every day. He has such a tremendous faith in Jesus.

I love the ministry. And I especially love to preach God’s word to everyone who will listen! Yet, the greatest success of my personal ministry is having the chance to baptize both my children into Christ. Now we watch them develop their own personal relationship with Jesus as God uses their mother and me to help guide them.
It’s that same example I find in the Bible of God’s care for people who need guidance and a relationship with Him. Psalm 116:6 says, The Lord protects the simplehearted, when I was in great need, he saved me.

God chooses to work in my life as a Minister in a pastoral role to help others know Him. He made it evident at home first. And I have found that it never has changed.

When I was in great need, He saved me. I can never repay Him for that. Therefore, I find great joy living life and ministering to others who themselves need Him to save them as well. There is no greater joy.
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