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WIN the lost, GROW believers, and IMPACT the world.

We believe in one God, existing as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

We believe God is the creator - sustainer of the world, the universe and everything in it.

We believe Jesus is the son of God, and was born of the Virgin Mary.

We believe Jesus lived a sinless life, and He died on the cross for our sins. He conquered death and rose on the third day to sit on the right hand of God, the Father. 

We believe Jesus will return to claim those who have come to know Him as their Savior.


New Testament Christian Church began on April 30, 1978, at the Old Baptist Church, in downtown on Roanoke Ave. in Roanoke Rapids. We, then, purchased the old clinic building on Jackson Street and built the sanctuary and fellowship hall, which was completed around 1980 to 1981. Along the way, the church began to support missions at home and abroad. The church has been able to expand its current mission to a number of 12. In 1990, we started a Teen Youth program, which has since developed into a Kindergarten through college life group program.

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